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Phoenix Pick, an imprint of Arc Manor Publishers, was created in 2007 with the primary purpose of reprinting out-of-print speculative fiction books.

Since then, the imprint has gone on to reprint books from some of the most iconic authors in the genre, including Robert A. Heinlein, Mercedes Lackey, Nancy Kress, Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg and many others. Over the years the small press's reputation has grown within the industry to become one of the most trusted small presses in the world. Click here to check out our catalogue.

Since 2013 Phoenix Pick has also published Galaxy's Edge magazine (stories published have won and/or been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, BASFA and other awards).

We are now pleased to offer a special REPRINT program to select authors. To be eligible, the novel under consideration must be a science fiction novel, collection and/or anthology and have been previously published by one of a select group of publishers (see list below). If your book has been published previously by one of these publishers, and rights have now reverted back to you as the author (or editor, for anthologies), we would like to have the opportunity to bring the book back to the market. While acceptance is not automatic, we will generally accept most published works unless we find the material objectionable based on our guidelines.

Standard terms under this contract are:

11 Years fixed term contract.

Minimum advance of $125.00 per novel or $50 for anthology or collection.

Rights: World (in some cases just North America) English: Paper, eBook and Audio

Royalty: 10% hardcovers, 8% paperbacks, 40% eBooks, 40% Audio books

You can download a sample copy of the contract by clicking here.

All titles will be eligible for free promotions in Galaxy's Edge magazine as well our extremely popular Publishers Pick site.

As stated, this program is only eligible for specific titles that have previously been published by a select group of publishers. The reason for this is that we currently do not have enough staff to go through the extremely high volume of submissions we expect were we to open the program to everyone (we hope to be able to to change this in the future). To be accepted under this program your book must have been previously published by one of the following publishers:

Ace, Alfred A. Knopg, Allen and Unwin, Baen, Ballantine Books, Bantam, Berkley   Mid, Bloomsbury, Bonnier Books, DAW, Del Rey, Doubleday, Eos, Gollancz, Harper Collins, Harper Voyager , Hatchette, Hatchette Livre, Hodder & Stoughton, Macmillan Publishers, Orbit, Penguin Random House , Pyr, Rare Bird Books, ROC, Saga Press, Saga Press, Simon and Shuster, Solaris Books, Spectra, ST. Martin’s Press, Tachyon Publications, Titan Books, TOR/Forge, William Morrow & Co.


If you feel you are a good fit for the program, please fill out the following form:

Book Submission (Reprint Program)


The Phoenix Pick Reprint Program is offered by Arc Manor Publishers,
a Maryland based company.

Arc Manor has two main science fiction and fantasy imprints and also publishes a magazine.

Phoenix Pick

CAEZIK SF & Fantasy

Galaxy's Edge magazine