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Barking Dogs—A Mitch Helwig Book


Is your boss lying to you? Your wife? Husband? Is everybody?


Suppose you could tell. Absolutely.


Suppose you had a Barking Dog.


Mitch Helwig is a cop who has gone over the edge. He’s got a Barking Dog—an infallible, illegal lie-detector, worn under street clothes—and he’s tired of being lied to. 


He’s a criminal’s worst nightmare.


“A real page-turner… Not to be missed.” — Locus


“The near-future cop-thriller is a growing sub-genre, in which old-time heroes walk the dark and subtly altered mean streets of a cityscape we can all identify from Blade Runner. Barking Dogs is the first novel to turn Toronto into one of those darkly menacing cities.” —The Toronto Star


“Weird and wonderful … Green has created a novel that is part cop story and part psychological chiller, and the surprise is that it works on both levels.” — Globe & Mail


“Lingers long in the memory.” —San Francisco Chronicle


“Likeable, beleaguered characters.” — Publishers Weekly


“Green is such an honest and perceptive writer, the book transcends its material.” — Orson Scott Card




Barking Dogs—A Mitch Helwig Book

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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