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Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction


Edward M. Lerner

"A must-have for every science-fiction writer. Edward M. Lerner has produced the best-ever guide to putting the science in science fiction, and he's done it with clarity, wit, and panache. A terrific book—I'm recommending it to all my colleagues, and to all those who hope someday to be professional SF writers."—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Quantum Night

The essential resource for anyone who reads, writes, watches, or studies science fiction.


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Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Farewell to Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Alexei Panshin

A fascinating array of stories from the boundless imagination of Hugo- and Nebula-winning Alexei Panshin taking the mind on a journey from the near and familiar to the farther reaches of what we must become....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Earth Magic (with Cory Panshin)

Alexei Panshin with Cory Panshin

A Magical World of Witches, Warlords and Shifting Realities

Haldane, son of Black Morca, who would make himself King of the Gets, must suddenly flee for his life through a landscape grown alien, his only companion an aging wizard of uncertain skills, his only hope the perilous favor of the Goddess Libera, to find his true identity amidst the standing stones of power on Stone Heath....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

The World Beyond the Hill (co-authored with Cory Panshin)

Alexei Panshin with Cory Panshin

A study of science fiction like no other. Published to unprecedented critical acclaim (and a Hugo). Includes index/bibliography....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Key Out of Time

Andre Norton

Key Out of Time is a book in the Time Trader Series. Ross Murdock and Arthur Ashe continue their grand adventure across Time and Space.

Ross and Arthur are helped by Karara and two trained dolphins on the World of Hawaika, settled by Hawaiian and Polynesian settlers....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Voodoo Planet

Andre Norton

Dane slid his blade out surreptitiously, setting its point against the palm of his hand and jabbing painfully; but the terrible creature continued to advance ... There was no blurring of its lines ...

Dane Thorson of the space-ship Solar Queen knew there was only one way to win out over this hideous thing—a battle to the end between his rational mind and the hypnotic witchcraft of Lumbrilo, the mental wizard of the planet Khatka....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic


Carolyn Ives Gilman

Humans live deep within an apparently lifeless planet covered by massive ice sheets. Having to survive in confined spaces has bred a unique culture where deference and non-confrontation make co-existence possible. Osaji's opportunities are limited by the need to care for her aging grandmother. But all that is about to change as circumstances push her toward a journey like no other....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Halfway Human

Carolyn Ives Gilman

Tedla is a "bland," an asexual class of people who exist only to serve their fellow beings.

Val is an expert on alien cultures but has never seen a bland before. They come together after Tedla is found light-years away from its home planet—alone, isolated and suicidal. Val's mission is to help Tedla recover. But the more she learns about the beautiful alien being, the more she discovers about the torment Tedla and its kind suffer on their planet.

Little does the rest of the universe know of th...

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

The Ice Owl

Carolyn Ives Gilman

Set in the same universe as Arkfall (although a totally independent story), The Ice Owl tells a tale capturing that moment when we start to lose our childhood ... when we start to realize that our parents and the "grown-ups" are just as flawed as we are ... everyone struggling to deal with their own demons.

It is also a story about past crimes and the haunting echo of ghosts long dead, of a life-long quest for redemption and, for some, the final revenge for crimes lost in the stellar dust ......

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Children of the Earth

Catherine Wells

Almost all of humanity has been destroyed on the North American continent by a series of catastrophes, including famine, plague, and floods.

Descendants of the survivors (those who stayed) created a tribal society in the American West that lives side by side with an enclave of scientists.

Earth has kept its rebirth a secret for some time, but when colonists throughout the stars begin to long for contact with the mother world, violence and greed could once again threaten the planet....

Trope-ing The Light Fantastic

Mother Grimm

Catherine Wells

Twila Grimm has lived her whole life inside the sterile limits of the Biodome, an isolated domed oasis in the middle of a ravaged Earth.

The outside is world of mystery and disease: where those infected by the deadly CM virus are sent to die. This is a land of disease and death; of warring tribes and half-crazed factions that live on the edge of sanity.

But the outside is also where Twila Grimm’s destiny lies. For she is much more than what she appears, and the secrets about her own origins ma...



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