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Halfway Human


A Starflight Reader nominee for best book of the year


Tedla is a “bland,” an asexual class of people who exist only to serve their fellow beings.

Val is an expert on alien cultures but has never seen a bland before. They come together after Tedla is found light-years away from its home planet—alone, isolated and suicidal. Val's mission is to help Tedla recover. But the more she learns about the beautiful alien being, the more she discovers about the torment Tedla and its kind suffer on their planet.


Little does the rest of the universe know of the hidden world of the blands, a world that hides shocking secrets and unspeakable crimes.


Halfway Human is a mesmerizing look at an intricately created alien world which is strange and distant, yet hauntingly familiar.


"Beauty, pain, wit, and wisdom all suffuse this powerful novel, as it uses imagined futures to reveal our own world in starkest clarity ... and yes, with a whisper of hope." —Locus


"The best science fiction novel I've read in a long time" —St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"A major new voice in science fiction." —New York Review of Science Fiction




Halfway Human

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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