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Blue Limbo—A Mitch Helwig Book


Mitch Helwig is a cop on the edge, “a man who’s gone through the valley of the shadow and hasn’t quite made it out the other side” (Toronto Globe & Mail).


Vengeance and heroism, the subtleties of family woven into the metaphysics of life and death, all come together here in a page-turner, “a near-future tech-noir thriller” (SF Site) that moves at breakneck speed.


"A chilling picture of Toronto in the not too distant future." —The Toronto Star


“He writes with a real and rare sympathy for his characters.” —The Atlanta Constitution


“A deft storyteller.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“A wonderfully evocative writer.” — The Ottawa Citizen


“Solid entertainment, with more than a bit of heart.” —The Edmonton Journal




Blue Limbo—A Mitch Helwig Book

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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