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Daughter of Elysium - An Elysium Cycle Novel


The pristine city of Elysium floats on the water world of Shora, inhabited by
“immortals” who have succeeded in unlocking the secrets of life.


Outsider Blackbear Windclan wants to share the secret of immortality with his own people, but can he, and the City of Elysium, survive the corruption and decadence that immortality has bred into the ageless society?


And what of the consciousness of self-aware nano-sentient servitors and their quest for vengeance?


"An enormously impressive achievement ... A marvelous array of cultures presented in astonishing depth" —Kirkus Review


"A thoughtful, well-crafted novel" —Publishers Weekly


"Masterful story" —Library Journal


"Magnificently detailed" —Chicago Sun-Times 




Daughter of Elysium - An Elysium Cycle Novel

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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