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Owls to Athens


"Scholar and bestselling author [Turteltaub], encapsulates his vision of the ancient world through the eyes of these two engaging merchants."-Historical Novel Society


After some long and perilous journeys, Menedemos and Sostratos finally head back to Athens just in time for the Dionysia, a bacchanalian festival of plays and celebrations.


Like earlier installments in the series, Owls to Athens has the cousins going through various adventures, trade negotiations and sexual escapades, all set against a finely painted mosaic of Hellenic life in the fourth century BCE.


However, this time, most of their time is spent in the City of Athens instead of sailing on the high seas. But even in the City, life can be treacherous, particularly when Menedemos decides to have an affair with one of the most influential and dangerous women in Athens.


"Owls to Athens demonstrates Turteltaub's excellent research skills ... an entertaining and intelligent story"SF Site




Owls to Athens

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