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Taflak Lysandra


The planet Majesty is covered by a thick green growth, miles deep. Nobody knows what caused it or even what lies at the bottom of the growth.


When Lysandra and her father (a coyote scientist) take on a mission to dive underneath the teeming bio-mass, no one knows what to expect. Even wild conjecture has not prepared them for the extreme strangeness that they will find around them.


Bizarre, three-legged beings inhabit the bottom layer amongst the ruins of an ancient civilization, which may also hide the secret behind the current state of the planet. More importantly, they realize that the Hooded Seven plan to attack the human Confederacy.


Can Lysandra and her father survive beneath the bio-mass long enough to understand Majesty, uncover the Hooded Seven's secrets and save their own world?




Taflak Lysandra

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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