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The Immortality Option (sequel to Code of the Lifemaker)


In this spectacular sequel to the acclaimed Code of the Lifemaker, James Hogan returns to the strange world of Titan, inhabited by bizarre self-conscious robots.


Little is known about the civilization that gave birth to these machine intelligences until scientists discover blocks of embedded computer code that appear to be strangely out of place.

Reactivating the computer codes results in the re-awakening of ancient alien beings, creators of the strange robot culture, totally alien and immensely powerful. And they are unhappy at being restrained within the narrow confines of the machines they find themselves in. They would much rather be the masters of all.


But while the scientists are helpless against these mighty beings, Karl Zambendorf, the media-star “psychic” and his support team prepare to meet the challenge.


The alien intelligences might be intellectually superior and super rational, but this also makes them hyper-materialistic and mechanistic in their outlook and, hence, totally unprepared for such “higher” concepts as the spiritual, the mystical, and the transcendental. And selling such notions is precisely Zambendorf’s stock in trade.


“[Hogan] once again demonstrates his mastery” —Publishers Weekly


“... on the cutting edge of technology ... Hogan’s talent carries the reader from peak to peak in the story” —Booklist


“In the grand tradition of the classic super-science stories, but with more exciting science and with better writing too. What more can anyone want?” —Isaac Asimov




The Immortality Option (sequel to Code of the Lifemaker)

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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