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Tom Paine Maru—Special Author’s Edition


Corporal Whitey O’Thraight may need to choose between his own survival and that of his home planet.


Whitey O’Thraight, the Ship’s Armorer on the first interstellar vessel launched by his home planet Vespucci, finds himself stranded on a strange planet with just one other survivor.


Captured by the local Baron, they are freed by a group of monks who are much more than they initially appear to be. Their new benefactors and friends have something special in mind for the two survivors, but going along with these plans might mean the destruction of Vespucci as they knew it.


Another breathtaking adventure by the author of the award-winning Pallas and The Probability Broach.




Tom Paine Maru—Special Author’s Edition

Ebook Download Includes: MOBI (Kindle) & ePub
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