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Alan Smale

Alan Smale writes alternate history, historical fantasy, and hard SF. His novella of a Roman invasion of ancient America, "A Clash of Eagles," won the 2010 Sidewise Award for Alternate History, and the first book in a trilogy set in the same universe, CLASH OF EAGLES, was published by Del Rey (in the US) and Titan Books (in the UK and Europe) in March 2015. Sequel EAGLE IN EXILE went on sale on March 22, 2016, and the series concluded with EAGLE AND EMPIRE in May 2017. The books are also available in audiobook format. Completing the circle, the Clash of Eagles trilogy was nominated for the 2017 Sidewise Award (Long Form). His Roman baseball collaboration with Rick Wilber, THE WANDERING WARRIORS, appeared from WordFire Press in 2020, and HOT MOON, his alternate-Apollo SF thriller set entirely on and around the Moon, will be published by CAEZIK SF & Fantasy in 2022.

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Hot Moon

Hot Moon

"A nail-biting thriller."−Publishers Weekly

From the Sidewise Award-winning author of the acclaimed Clash of Eagles trilogy comes an alternate 1979 where the US and the Soviets have permanent Moon bases, orbiting space stations, and crewed spy satellites supported by frequent rocket launches. Apoll...

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