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Andre Norton

Andre Alice Norton was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy who wrote historical fiction and contemporary fiction works. She wrote primarily under the pen name Andre Norton, but also under Andrew North and Allen Weston.

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Voodoo Planet

Voodoo Planet

Dane slid his blade out surreptitiously, setting its point against the palm of his hand and jabbing painfully; but the terrible creature continued to advance ... There was no blurring of its lines ... Dane Thorson of the space-ship Solar Queen knew there was only one way to win out over this hideous...

Key Out of Time

Key Out of Time

Key Out of Time is a book in the Time Trader Series. Ross Murdock and Arthur Ashe continue their grand adventure across Time and Space. Ross and Arthur are helped by Karara and two trained dolphins on the World of Hawaika, settled by Hawaiian and Polynesian settlers....

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