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Damien Broderick

Damien Francis Broderick is an Australian science fiction and popular science writer and editor of some 74 books. His science fiction novel The Dreaming Dragons (1980) introduced the trope of the generation time machine, his The Judas Mandala (1982) contains the first appearance of the term "virtual reality" in science fiction, and his 1997 popular science book The Spike was the first to investigate the technological singularity in detail.

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The Threshold of Eternity

The Threshold of Eternity

The legendary John Brunner wrote the original Threshold of Eternity in 1957. Sixty years later, Damien Broderick revisits the world Brunner created in that classic, forward-looking story and modernizes it to retell the exciting tale of time travelers, augmented intelligences, and aliens. When Korean...

Beyond the Doors of Death (with Damien Broderick)

Beyond the Doors of Death (with Damien Broderick)

“Broad, intriguing speculation on human evolution and first contact.”—Publishers Weekly“ Born With the Dead” (the novella) was nominated for every major science fiction award when it was originally published in 1974, winning the Nebula and Locus awards. The author now revisits the classic story with...

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