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Michael Flynn

Michael Francis Flynn is an American science fiction author. Nearly all of Flynn's work falls under the category of hard science fiction. However, his treatment of it can be unusual since he has applied the rigor of hard science fiction to "softer" sciences such as sociology in works such as In the Country of the Blind. Much of his short fiction has appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

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Captive Dreams

Captive Dreams

Fine literary writing meets Science Fiction. A thematic tour-de-force exploring the concept of being human through the eyes of imperfect protagonists struggling with their demons. More than just great SF, these are great stories told with style, wit, and sensitivity....

The Forest of Time & Other Stories

The Forest of Time & Other Stories

Here is an eclectic collection of science fiction stories (and three short poems) by multiple-award-winning writer Michael Flynn, author of such acclaimed titles as Eifelheim (Hugo nominee) and Firestar, called a "knockout" by the San Diego Union Tribune. This collection includes two Hugo-nominated ...

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